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Let Expertises LMS restore the balance between you and your insurer.

Whether it’s water damage, a fire or a collapse, every loss is unique. We ensure that consumers are protected and your interests come first with solutions that fit your specific situation.

LMS in the field

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Take advantage of a complete personal insurance review. The cost of our service is in large part covered by amounts recovered. Gain complete peace of mind with Expertises LMS. We will never ask you for your credit card number.

A range of customers

Working in the industrial, commercial, institutional and residential sectors

Unique claims file

With its client-centred approach, LMS ensures close follow-up and overall control of your file

Expert advices

Personalized consultations and tailor-made advice ensures a total perspective of your situation

Services offered

Our claims adjusters will accompany you at every step in the claims process. We’ll take your file firmly in hand from start to finish.

Service Contract analysis

Contract analysis

A thorough examination of your insurance policy and your needs so you can exercise your rights in complete legitimacy

Service Evaluation of losses

Evaluation of losses

Complete an inventory of goods and reconstitute all affected materials in order to estimate and quantify the losses

Service Claim preparation

Claim preparation

Prepare and compile all documents and important elements related to the claim in order to preserve a balance among the forces at play between the insured and the insurer

Service Negotiation of a settlement

Negotiation of a settlement

Deal with the claim settlement with the insurer in accordance with the conditions and parameters of the policy

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What our clients say

At Expertises LMS, customer relations are everything. We’ve handled thousands of emergency situations, and we work to get your life back to normal so you come out a winner.

Temoignages Testimonials

The Crête family

Good advices, great support and knowledgeable experts. We’ve gained from this experience and are very proud of what’s been done.

Temoignages Testimonials

The Kost family

What a positive experience! You’ve achieved way more than everything we could have wished for from our insurer!

Temoignages Testimonials

Anne Nguyen

Thousand thanks for working so well. Please extend our gratitude to your family members, whom assist you everyday in your amazing work.

The founders

A pair of knowledgeable committed entrepreneurs who’ve worked in the field for over 20 years. Their distinctive characters and varied career paths combine rigour, empathy and professionalism. They share a common goal: results!

Benoit Mayer

Claims adjuster

Benoit Mayer
25 years of experience

Human and empathetic, Benoit’s specialty is residential cases. With multiple years of experience in the field and a graduate of the Insurance Institute of Canada, he believes that every case merits careful study and above all understanding.

License # : 123354

Michel Guertin
Michel Guertin

Claims adjuster

40 years of experience

Strategic and analytical, Michel is up to the task when it comes to situations affecting commercial or industrial clients. A longtime fixture in the industry, he’s seen the profession from the point of view of both the insured and the insurer. His priority? That, at the end of the day, no one comes up short.

License # : 115733

The team

Staffed with competent, multi-talented individuals, Expertises LMS is capable of providing complete, customized services

Richard Majeau

Richard Majeau

Claims adjuster (#169501)

Francine Forest

Francine Forest

Contents evaluator

Ginette Levesque

Ginette Levesque

Administrative assistant

Claude Guertin


Joseph Tran

Engineering technician

Jean-Pierre Massé

Chartered accountant

Maurice Gagné

Chartered accountant

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