Damage assessment : role of the claims adjuster

As a claims adjuster, Les Expertises LMS makes it a point to analyze your contract so that all losses you have suffered in your company or home are covered.

Before starting the damage assessment stage, it is important to have analyzed your insurance contract, because the type of compensation is not always the same from one insurance company to another. Indeed, insurers themselves create their own compensation terms and may decide, for example, to compensate you on the value in use, the replacement value or the replacement value of the object, material or building in question.

At the damage assessment stage, we don’t just do office work, far from it! Our experts appraisers will visit the site of the building(s) affected by the loss several times in order to draw up the most exhaustive list possible so that you can obtain the maximum benefit from your insurance reimbursement. We do not neglect anything when we carry out a damage assessment: building materials, paperwork, machinery, clothing… Even the most unusual things will move on to the sorting stage! All this in order to provide you with the largest possible insurance reimbursement for the damage suffered.

To do this, we will take a minimum of two photos of each damaged item (even the smallest, because nothing is overlooked!) so that we can value each item at its fair value and keep evidence for your insurance company.


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If you do not already have this paper in your hands, your insurer will provide you with a damage assessment report. Indeed, their own associate claims adjuster will also go to the scene of the tragic event to assess the damage on their side. The damage assessment file of the LMS Expertises will compare with that of your insurance company in the next stages of the claim, which are the preparation of the claim and the negotiation of the settlement.

The next step after the damage assessment is the preparation of the claim. Our team of experts will gather everything that can play an important role in your case (documents, evidence and other crucial elements that may have an influence on your case). Hence the importance of damage assessment, which will influence your claim and then, subsequently, negotiation with your insurer.


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By doing business with us, you will save twice as much. First, by saving time, since we will take care of your claim file from A to Z. You will sleep soundly and you will be able to devote yourself to your family or your company, which will count on you after the disaster! You will then save financially, since the fees of Les Expertises LMS will be self-reimbursed thanks to the significant monetary gains made by our work.

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