Negotiation of the insurance settlement

Negotiating an insurance settlement is not something to be taken lightly. After Les Expertises LMS has thoroughly and very meticulously analyzed each of the clauses of your insurance contract, our experts will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation owed to you by your insurance company. This step is called the settlement of the claim. And it is infinitely necessary for you to get off to a good start!


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That’s why our claims adjusters are appreciated by so many customers! They have 65 years of experience and have adequately settled hundreds and hundreds of complex cases, such as claims with clients that are companies or institutional authorities, but also individual or commercial real estate cases. Les Expertises LMS is a perfect negotiator and mediator. He will represent you and ensure that an optimal reimbursement from your insurer is paid to you within a reasonable time, but he will also respect and preserve the professional relationship between you and your insurance company. However, our experts may contest an insurance settlement if they consider it insufficient or incorrect.


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Thus, our claims adjusters have the expertise to assess all the damage suffered by your facilities, as well as the operating loss of your business. They will visit the site of the disaster if they deem it necessary in order to assess the cost of reconstruction, for example, the cost of replacement materials or those required for emergency work. Be assured that Les Expertises LMS will prepare the best claim possible for you, with professionalism, diligence and respect. They will then negotiate with the financial services of your insurance company to negotiate any compensation due to you.

Whether a disaster has occurred due to fire, ice or oil damage, a tornado or a hurricane, it’s always a bad time to go through. But you can reduce the impact as much as possible by letting Les Expertises LMS manage your insurance payment. They are the experts par excellence! By entrusting us with your file, you can then focus on other urgent tasks made necessary by the disaster. Receive the compensation that is due to you and that will get you off to a good start!

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