Preparing an insurance claim following a sinister

Have you suffered a loss?  You are insured, of course, but perhaps you are still feeling a heartache when you wonder if your insurer will agree to reimburse you for all the damage suffered. Worse still, perhaps the simple idea of completing the claim form for this insurance claim is already giving you a cold sweat? Are you afraid of misunderstanding the legal language you are faced with and losing rights and part of the compensation? We can help you! Here are the main steps involved in preparing an insurance claim with us following a loss :

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1-     Delivery of a copy of your insurance contract.

Always keep the original of your insurance contract in a safe place. Do not give it away under any circumstances, unless our experts ask you to do so.  Keep it intact. If you like to take notes or scribble, make a photocopy for yourself!

2-     Obtaining the claim form from your insurer.

We will then analyze it thoroughly for you before completing the request. No rush, forgetting a clause could be fatal. Filling out a report is a rigorous exercise!

3-     Fill in the report form thoroughly.

Once this claim is completed and signed, we will keep copies for you.

4-    Attach all necessary documents to the claim request.

A single missing part could significantly delay the analysis of your claim or, even worse, invalidate it. We will ask for and obtain for you the missing parts, if any.

5-    Send your claim request to your insurer.

Not only will we take care of this detail, but we will also make sure that he has received it.

6-     Preservation of evidence in your file.

We will keep your files for several years. Prevention is better than cure… You never know what can happen!




By deciding to take the above steps on your own, you may receive compensation from your insurer that you feel is unsatisfactory, ridiculous or not at all what you expected. You would then have to find the arguments to contest it. Even if you had these arguments, how will you ensure that they are heard by the right person and, above all, considered? WARNING: If you were to accept the cheque that your insurer sent you, did you know that its endorsement would constitute a release and that it would put an end to your dispute file? Save yourself from these unnecessary troubles and do not make unforgivable mistakes. Do business with Les Expertises LMS who will take care of all these steps and make you a winner!


Our work is your safety!

Our claims adjusters are there to represent you to your insurer, from the moment the loss affects you or your business. They will make the claim request on your behalf. They will collect all relevant information and even go to the field to inspect the site to carry out a counter-inspection of the damage. They will collect the supporting documents that must be attached to the claim request, such as lists and values of damaged or destroyed property, or an estimate of such property.

Our experts have more than 65 years of experience. They know the answers to all your questions about damage insurance. They will ensure that your rights to a fair indemnity are respected during the settlement, but they will also be able to preserve the professional relationship with your insurer.

Whether a disaster has occurred due to fire, ice or a spill, a tornado or a hurricane, it’s always a bad time to go through. But you can reduce the impact as much as possible by trusting Les Expertises LMS to complete your claim request and take charge of your entire file. By entrusting us with your case, you can then go on to other urgent and necessary tasks due to this disaster and take care of your loved ones. Keep your mind at ease while you wait to receive the compensation you are entitled to!

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